Nostalgia: Old School Apple

by Matthew Russell

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Even with the millions of pages currently available on the internet, I still sometimes find myself bored in spite of the wide variety. How that can be possible, I really don’t know. But what I can tell you is that there’s a great way to view a lot of additional content that your search engine won’t pull up for you (anymore) if you ever feel a need for some vintage content (or anything else that might have been censured for some reason.)

Go out to the Wayback Machine, type in a URL, and you'll get a listing of various archived pages from over the years. Just a while ago, I looked up Apple and it was actually quite entertaining to view some of the content from the mid to late 90s. In particular, reading the announcements about OS 8 was sort of interesting, since that was well before my time as an Mac zealot.

Along the way, I also found this interesting history that’s nice and concise, and I thought you might enjoy reading it.

What interesting content have you pulled down from the Wayback Machine that "used to be there?"