Notes from the Show Floor 1

by Chris Stone

Just a few quick things that caught my eye as I strolled the MacWorld show floor:

1. The crew at the booth looked like a great resource for anyone wanting to use one of the EVDO cards from Verizon or Sprint with their Macs. They also carry several EVDO/WiFi routers, which include a slot for the EVDO card, allowing you to share its broadband connection with several computers at once.

2. XtremeMac has a new line of great-looking and very inexpensive A/V cables, designed to go with the Apple TV (though would work with any A/V device). The line includes HDMI, DVI, HDMI to DVI, and Component cables, all with 24-caret gold connectors and rubber overmolding, and all are priced at $19.95 for 2 meters. That's about a third of what you might pay at a big box store. You can get other cheap cables online (and they look it), but you'll be able to pick up the XtremeMac cables from the Apple store when you buy your Apple TV in Feburary.

3. I saw at least a half dozen external RAID vendors on the floor, most of whom are here for the first time. Prices on these units have dropped a lot, and they are available in dizzying combinations of interface and drive types. I haven't had time yet to talk to them all, but if you're in the market for a cheap RAID (for DAS, SAN or NAS), then it looks like there's lots to choose from. I'll post a listing before the show's over.