[Lauren Wood:Life] NOTE-TO-SELF: Never Forget What Makes Life Life in the First Place

by M. David Peterson

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"The weather has changed here at 49 ° latitude north, the days still warm and sunny, but the nights are cool. The memories of nights when we slept with the fan running and the windows open are receding fast, soon to be filed with memories of previous summers..."

And thus begins a wonderful snapshot of life by Lauren Wood, a reminder to us all that life isn't about 0's and 1's, err, I mean <binary-data><binary>00000000</binary><binary>11111111</binary></binary-data> and instead everything that this same mentioned binary data allows us to represent and communicate with others.

Thanks for the reminder, Lauren! It's easy to forget sometimes, and a reminder such as this helps reset the brain, placing back in focus the things that matter most.

NOTE-TO-WW:* - What does this have to do with XML? EVERYTHING! and nothing, all at the same time.

Enjoy your Monday :)


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