Now I Can Take Decent Pictures

by brian d foy

When I first started playing around with my Nokia 3650 camera phone, I did not know when it actually took the picture, and my results were blurry. The camera is supposed to make an audible shutter-click noise, but one of the first things I did with my new phone is turn off any and all sounds. I never hear the shutter click.

I took this photo on one of our missions to a local school, where swarms of Iraqi kids wanted us to "flash" their photo. I think these two kids' names are both Mohammed, although around here they stress the second syllable rather than the first, so it comes out as "Hamid" to my western ears. I tell them my name is Mike Tyson.


I have only reduced the dimensions by half and added a black border. The rest, including color and brightness, is straight from the camera.

I transferred the photo to my computer even before I saw my computer. Once we parked our vehicle, grabbed our gear, and started walking towards my tent, I was making a bluetooth connection (although I have to leave the display up to make that work). Bluetooth has been absolutely lovely, and I glad I did not decide to go without.


2004-03-02 15:48:33
picture quality
like you, i've found that reducing the size of the image does much to improve the general quality of the picture. i hadn't thought about adding a border, but that helps too!

all of this made me do a web search for "nokia 3650 photoshop actions"--i was hoping maybe someone had automated the process for cleaning up pics. anyone else have any ideas or tricks that they use? better yet, has anyone already made an action? if not, i'll probably do one.

i use the camera much more than i ever thought i would. i usually use stationary objects as tripods; the results are often quite nice!

2004-03-02 22:53:52
nice for a phonecam
For a phonecam the quality is indeed quite decent, but once you're used to real cameras (SLRs, highend digitals) it's still appalling.

But I can see whare it would suit people in situations where they can't carry something larger.

2004-03-03 03:20:11
picture quality
I have a lot of little scripts that do photo actions for me (mostly with ImageMagick), but I don't do them based on the source of the photo. I would look for general applications that batch process photos.

I also noticed that Rael Dornfest has some Nokia 3650 hacks in Wireless Hacks, although I have not had a chance to look at the book, although I want to as soon as I get back to the States.

Good luck. :)

2004-03-03 03:22:22
nice for a phonecam
I actually took the same picture with a Canon PowerShot A20, which I carry around for pictures (and which I used for my recent article on cleaning up iPhoto). The phonecam is just a novelty, although I can see someone using its limitations for some kitchy art project. ;)