Now If I Had To Pick A Spokesperson For Open Source...

by Derek Vadala

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...Jeremy Zawodny would be at the top of a short list. Once again, he speaks for the silent majority. That's just my opinion.

Do you feel like your views as an open source user, developer, or fan are often misrepresented?


2004-03-04 16:07:54
SCO has admitted the email/memo is legit
2004-03-05 00:18:45
there can be no single spokesperson
the OS community is way too divided (by design and intent) to have a single spokesperson, however much ESR wants to believe differently and call himself the Marx of Open Source.
Derek Vadala
2004-03-05 11:37:32
there can be no single spokesperson
Of course there can't, but it would be great if some of the more attention-grabbing advocates were more centrist in their rhetoric. That's really a media problem at its core, but one which I feel people in the community are happily fueling.