Now I'm a blogger

by Phillip Kerman

I just wanted to get this blog started. I will now return to writing my book. Once I see some comments on this blog I'll know I'm not talking into a vast--yet empty--space.


2004-04-27 15:00:45
First Comment
I know Phillip Kerman, and I urge you to buy all of his books. Buy early, buy often!
2004-04-28 13:44:33
Test message. Welcome to the world of bloggers.
2004-04-28 14:15:19
keep it up
Pleased to hear you're working on an O'Reilly title. Looking forward to seeing that!

2004-05-04 07:53:47
How does receiving comments prove that you aren't talking into a vast--yet empty--space. :-)
2004-05-25 14:26:18
A Diversion During Hour Six
Hi Phillip -

I'm on hour six of teaching myself flash - and in the process of downloading whatever it is I am about to do - I've been sidetracked by your site. I found my way here and thought I would use the occasion to concurr with your "so busy" pet peeve, and remark that since moving out of Brooklyn to a small town in far away Maine, I don't hear anyone say that anymore. In fact, one day, a rare day, when I was feeling "so busy" I thought of who I could possibly share that with. It occurred to me that, unlike my New York peers who would have seen my "so busy" and upped it, my Maine peers would look at me with absolutely no expression in their faces for a moment and then, probably, slowly look away.

Thanks for writing a good book - so far. I'm still oriented and hopeful that I'll be able to add flash to my repertoire of skills.

2004-05-25 14:46:44
too busy
Thanks for posting to my blog. I'm sorry that I'm too busy to reply. Just joking. For the record, I've failed to reply to occasional emails and phone calls (though, salespeople calls don't count). Anyway, there's a difference between flaking and saying you're too busy.

Never been to Maine--it's one of the few states I have not been to.

Anyway, I'm glad I've been prompted to reply because I want to post at least once a month and I am almost past due.

Fezile Mlungu
2007-09-26 05:27:32
Hi Phillip,

Its Fezile here from South Africa. I an an e-learning developer and I have bought your book "Macromedia Flash 8 @ work" and I like Chapter 5 and Chapter 3 the most. Tell me, on those assessments on Chapter 5 and 6, would it be possible that someone can add TextInput class as well, so users can use text input in some of the options.