NTT DoCoMo Develops Fuel Cell Phone Charger

by Bruce Stewart

In the ongoing quest for better battery and charging technology, Japan's NTT DoCoMo has partnered with AquaFairy to develop a micro fuel cell charger for its 3G handsets. Just add water and the fuel cell charger can reportedly charge a phone in the same amount of time as an AC-based charger. I caught this interesting development on PhoneScoop, which also notes that last year NTT DoCoMo was touting a methanol-based fuel cell charger. This one seems like a big step forward as besides only needing water as the catalyst, the new charger is smaller and more powerful than the methanol device. At this time these fuel cell chargers can only supply "several charges" so these are essentially disposable emergency chargers, but one would hope the advances in technology will lead to future enhancements and more permanent charging devices.