NYC*BUG McKusick/Allman Meeting

by Dru Lavigne

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It isn't every day that those of us outside of California get to rub shoulders with some of the great names in Unix history. Approximately 75 people, including yours truly, had such an opportunity this past Saturday at NYC's Columbia University.

Details of the event, including Eric Allman's slides in pdf and both talks in mp3 format are available at:

The slides provide some interesting information on the current state of email authentication. And, if you have the time, the mp3 is well worth listening to. Some interesting questions were raised with insightful responses from both Eric and Kirk. If you've never heard Kirk's version of what it was like to be in the Berkeley Computer Science department in the heyday of Unix development, you're in for a treat.

I wasn't the only Canadian at the event. Dan Langille of FreshPorts ( and the FreeBSD Diary (, NetBSD Security Officer David Maxwell, and PostgreSQL's Business Intelligent Analyst Robert Bernier were also in attendance.

George Rosamond of NYC*BUG provided accommodation for the Canadian contingency as well as other attendees who spent the wee hours discussing Unix' history and future over vodka and the Yankees v.s. Red Sox game.