nyc.rb turns 14 in dog years

by Gregory Brown

On Tuesday, 2006.02.28 NYC.rb had it's second anniversery.

Being a regular attendee of these meetings, I expected a massive celebration and indeed found one. I even managed to talk a few other guys from new_haven.rb to take the train ride into Manhattan for the event.

The meeting saw the attendance record being beaten at 28 attendees, and hosted three presentations.

Zed Shaw did a rather intense talk on performance measurements and how much programmers tend to suck at statistics. This was without a doubt an eye opener and was full of useful information. For me though, the most exciting part was trying to choke WEBrick with 40+ requests/sec.

Trotter Cashion talked about higher-order procedures which got me thinking about all sorts of neat and weird little use cases for them that you'll probably see popping up left and right in my code in the near future (hopefully not to the excess). Trotter's presentation slides are already online , if you're interested in taking a look.

Finally, because the other presentations went way too well, they had that jerk who is working on that Ruby Reports thing talk a bit. ;) In all seriousness though, it was exciting to be able to show the NYC crowd what I've been working on and also get some feedback on some of the current functionality of Ruport. It became more of a code review and Q&A session than a presentation so to speak, but I will have a summary online of it in the near future for those interested. One cool thing is that Jim Menard from DataVision was there and we had a chance to talk a bit about some of the different features that might be worth stealing from each other's software.

All in all, it was certainly a ton of fun. Special thanks go to Francis Hwang for starting the group and Matt Pelletier for hosting these meetings at his office. And of course, the whole group deserves a champions cheer for being a bunch of friendly, helpful, fun folks who make a $28.00 train ride from New Haven well worth the money.

Happy Birthday NYC.rb!


2006-03-02 14:28:01
Happy Birthday indeed!

Sounds like it was an awesome meeting. Wish I couldn've been there.