NYT Anthropomorphizes /dev/random

by Marc Hedlund

Related link: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/08/26/technology/circuits/26ipod.html

Okay, developers, head on over to the New York Times' Circuits section, and get yourself a good laugh reading about how iPod users anthropomorphize their preciousssss device's "Shuffle" function. Who knew Apple had cracked AI? or that /dev/random had good taste in music?

Donald Norman will get a kick out of this article -- it's a nice example for some of his ideas in Emotional Design. (In fact, when I searched for "emotional design" on Amazon, one of the three "related searches" it showed me was "ipod"!) We love our iPods so much, we attribute to them powers beyond any the developers could possibly provide. Great design obviates the need for programmers to solve some problems.

Sure, Real can compete on price, but can they compete with the awesome power of the "Shuffle"?