October in Munich and San Diego Paid for by SAP?

by Mark Finnern

Related link: https://www.sdn.sap.com/sdn/index.sdn?page=SAP_TechEd_04_Proposals.html

This is quite a steal: Propose a session [free registration] for SAP TechEd, get it selected by your peers on the SAP Developer Network and you will travel to both SAP TechEds in San Diego 5th-8th as well as Munich 12th-14th of October. SAP will pay your flight, hotel stay as well as TechEd fees.

What I really like is, that you can check out the proposals that have been submitted already, and they're really interesting. I am very curious to see which ones will win. Currently the odds are quite good: 15 proposals for the 3 slots, means 20% will go, but I guess that will not stay that way.

Unfortunately SAP employees can't compete, otherwise I would be all over it:
"How to run your Model Train using SAP NetWeaver" I'm convinced it would be a sure winner. Maybe someone else picks up the ball and fills in that clear void in the TechEd schedule.

Just don't get your hopes up expecting to visit the Oktoberfest while at the Munich TechEd.That beer craziness ends on the 3rd of October and you will have to pack your bags for San Diego right about that time. But fear not, there will be the famous Munich beer gardens awaiting your thirst after your presentation.