ODEO Adds Voice Mail to Web Sites

by Bruce Stewart

Ted Wallingford and Andy Abramson tipped me off to this cool new Web-based embedded recorder feature that ODEO has just launched. The basic idea seems to be that you can use this recorder feature on your ODEO page, or just grab the code and embed it onto any web page. Andy's got an example of it in action, where you can click on a button on his blog and get to a simple flash-based ODEO recording interface to record a voice message for him. Neat! I think ODEO is aiming for the MySpace crowd with this feature (the message you get when you've successfully recorded and sent a voice message says "That Totally Worked!", but I can envision a lot of serious applications beyond socializing for this feature as well. (Hi Tony!)


2006-11-10 14:51:29
This is pretty damn tight!!
2007-03-18 11:20:26
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