[ODF|MSOffice] Can It Be Said That Both Sides Won?

by M. David Peterson

Mass. to use Microsoft Office in ODF plan | CNET News.com

Massachusetts will begin using OpenDocument as the default document format later this year as planned, but it will be sticking with Microsoft Office in the near term, the state's top technology executive said.

Answer to Titled Question: That depends on whether you were rooting for open XML standards or OO.o.

That said: Quick show of hands from those who were rooting for OO.o in which were not rooting for open XML standards as well...

Just as I thought,


2006-08-27 09:01:11
ODF won, Microsoft just didn't lose yet.

You bet that people are working on OO.o accessibility now to make it superior to MS office. And while MS is being used "in the near term", that may change.

M. David Peterson
2006-08-27 09:37:34

Points well taken!