Of Jackalopes and Gronks

by Robert Cooper

The Java Posse Roundup was last week. It was pretty great. This was of the "Open Spaces" genre. Basically, everyone shows up, and scheduling of sessions is done in an impromptu and ongoing manner via stickies and blocks on the wall.

The one thing that I "got" as I walked in was that 2007 was the year the Java language and the Java platform completely bifurcated. GWT represents the Java language moving way out of the JVM. Indeed, GWT and Apollo represent some of the most exciting parts of Java the language right now. Of course, the discussions of dynamic languages and and Scala represent the JVM moving away from the language at a seeming breakneck pace.

Dick is going to filter out the session audio as he gets them prepared, but I specifically attended sessions on build systems, the "forges" (j.n, code.google, sf.net), Joe's "Properties and Events in the Language" session, a session on Apollo, I hosted a session on GWT and help Josh present AB5k, a very interesting session on the possibilities of forked Javas, and a session about the future of desktop Java. I also got a chance to sit in on Java Posse 106.

It is really tough for me to put together a list of highlights, because the whole affair was really quite awesome. It was very much a nerd summer camp crossed with a revival meeting. Really, I highly recommend it next year for those of you who weren't there.

I have more photos, including both the Jackalope and the Gronk.


2007-05-30 09:04:03
whats a gronk