Office XP: Product Activation Gone Berserk

by Brian Jepson

So, I'm a glutton for punishment... not only did I install Windows XP Beta 2 on my computer, but I also installed the Office XP Corporate Preview.

Everything was fine for the first few hours, but something snapped inside Office XP's innards. Every time I start up an office program (Word, Excel, etc.), it explains to me that "Microsoft Office Professional with Frontpage has detected a significant change in your machine configuration." Then, it asks me to insert my CD and proceeds to re-activate my product. I've tried deinstalling and reinstalling, but so far, it keeps making me activate the product each time I run it.

I hope this is just a glitch with the corporate preview (it is a beta, after all). I'm going to shell out $19.95 for another copy, just in case using a different product activation key helps.