Oh, The Freedom Soaked Justice of Such Beautiful Poetic Irony

by M. David Peterson

There is something simply beautiful about a country who's inhabitants, both native and foreign, can create something so diverse, and yet so native all at the same time.


Wait, what? -- Oh, no, not you... I'm speaking to each of our native American brothers and sisters, both South and North, and to our East and West of wherever each of us might be in this beautiful place we *ALL* call home. What, you think being born here makes you a native? If where we were born defines who we are, will become, and nothing else, we'd all still have 20 feet of water over our heads, and a life expectancy of about 3-5 years.

I wouldn't think too hard about that one... It's much simpler than it probably sounds.

So anyway, back to my NOTE:

I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this beautiful country of yours with us. It's a wonderful place to be! Especially when you look at images such as that below and think to yourself,

Oh, The Freedom Soaked Justice of Such Beautiful Poetic Irony.


God, I love this country!

Thanks again for sharing it with me and the rest of my foreign friends :) It may not be said all that often, and there might even be some who disagree.

But thats part of what makes this such a fantastic country to live in.

Diversity is Simply Beautiful.


[NOTE: If you find yourself looking at the above image without even a single clue as to what I could possibly be refering to, I wouldn't feel to bad... If this is the case, it just means you're not a Super Geek Phreak like me. :D

If nothing else, there's always that simple fact that should help bring a smile to your face when most needed ;)]