¡Hola iTunes Latino!

by Erica Sadun

Tu ritmo. Tu música. Tu iTunes. iTunes Latino.

US: Panic-Oh! by Los Abandoned
"Panic Oh" comes off with all of the sass of an early Blondie track - a mixture of punk rock riffs and icy cool pop music. Chilean singer Lady P delivers the proper amount of attitude as she switches between English and Spanish. The band starts with a straightforward punk thrash which then culminates in a retro-futuristic collapse of noise and spent energy. Let's call this our free Single of the Week. [Check the price before you add--so far this is showing up as $0.99, not free.]

US: Decisiones: Historias tan reales como la vida, Episode 3
Decisiones es una producción original de Telemundo. Se trata de historias apasionantes y conmovedoras inspiradas en sucesos de héroes de la vida real, que luchan, aman, se equivocan, y son capaces de redimirse. Dirigido por Candela Ferro, cada episodio de Decisiones tendrá un principio y un fin, con una enseñanza. Candela llevará al televidente de la mano durante cada episodio, recreando tramas de gran relevancia, con personajes, situaciones, dramas, y pasiones interesantes.


2006-11-01 09:35:40
That's interesting where you're at the main page -


- before you click in here, the characters in the heading display wrongly. But when you get to this page, they're OK. Why the anomaly?

I looked at the source code, and the characters in question are not escaped as character entities - they've been inserted as raw UTF-8 characters. But this page is carrying a UTF-8 encoding declaration in its meta-tags: the main page isn't.

That's the reason: if you change the encoding Safari is using for the page (Toolbar > View > Text Encoding) from "Default" to UTF-8, it displays as intended.

2006-11-01 19:08:59
Just a small correction, "hola" has an "h" at the front. Good job showing both exclamation marks (opening and close) :-)
2006-11-02 08:10:49
Hola is spelled with h.
Best regards.
Erica Sadun
2006-11-03 09:58:23
Gracias dudes! I've added the "H".