OmniPlan, planned

by Robert Daeley

The OmniGroup announcing a new application should be a national Mac holiday, frankly. And the rampant...nay, *rabid* speculation spawned by the tantalizing "reveal" on their blog has been amusing to watch. Also informative for any developers interested in what Mac users are looking for (hint: a decent email client is a big one).

That said, another big deal lately has been productivity-related activities, including Getting Things Done with systems like Kinkless, which combines OmniOutliner, AppleScript, and GTD techniques. This has not gone unnoticed by the OmniFolk, who have finally announced the new app: OmniPlan, which should be in beta this week.

The Ars.Technica "Infinite Loop" blog posted a trio of screenshots purporting to be of the new app. Verrrry interesting indeed.


2006-07-25 14:29:14
OmniPlan is, technically, not a Getting Things Done app in the same sense that the OmniOutliner Pro + Kinkless GTD is. It's a project management application, along the same lines as Microsoft Project or SharedPlan.

That said, The OmniGroup has indicated that they are considering such an application (; OmniPlan just isn't it.

2006-07-31 04:58:16
Omni apps are great but where project planning is concerned I believe the boys at ProjectWizards with Merlin 2 ( are really rocking. The beta of Merlin 2 displays features that really covers the realms of professional project management..