On Book Cover Photos and the Making of Sausage

by Mikkel Aaland

Lightroom 1.0 shipped on Monday. Yeah! Now everyone can finally see first-hand the great features I've been writing about. Almost equally exciting to me: on Tuesday we finally settled on a cover image for my O'Reilly Lightroom Adventure book. If you knew what we have gone through...


2007-02-22 08:59:14
You've got to go with the horse!! It's about photography after all, not about fashion, glamour, beauty(that may be debatable...), or sex, all of which are implied with this shot. All of these immediatly crossed my mind when I first viewed the woman picture on Jardine's Icelandic gallery and looking at it as a PHOTOGRAPH was was a mechanical second. As a technical manual maybe it isn't about photography per se but the horse shot is far more interesting as a photograph. The amount of glamour/fashion material that is present in so many of the trade publications(American Photo, etc.) and photography related material in general is a cheap sell and off-putting, and this shot on your book cover would strike me the same way, especially as a choice over the horse shot.
2007-02-23 05:59:38
the burned down corners hint that maybe the image wasn't just edited in Lighroom? I love it though!
2007-02-23 06:48:08
That lady is well... gorgeous... and I am having some naughty thoughts watching her... but I do prefer, for such a book, your first shot... hmm... without Bill!
2007-06-28 08:59:45
You made the right choice... that woman will sell more copies of the book than the horse. I'm not a horse fan and would hardly have glanced at the book if it were on the cover.