On bots and their masters - a fun read

by Anton Chuvakin

A very fun paper on bots (a type of malware, in case you did not know). Two quotes of note are below:

About the botnet owner: "The young hacker doesn't have much sympathy for his victims. 'All those people in my botnet, right, if I don't use them, they're just gonna eventually get caught up in someone else's net, so it might as well be mine,' 0x80 says. 'I mean, most of these people I infect are so stupid they really ain't got no business being on [the Internet] in the first place.'"

About one of the victims: "He eventually opted to buy a new PC rather than spend the time and money to repair the infected one. 'It just made more sense for me to get a new $300 Dell that came with a free monitor that was better than the one I had,' he says."