On LLUP, Blip Messaging, Kamaelia, and Michael Sparks [BBC]

by M. David Peterson

I was in Seattle all week and as such, am just getting caught up on things outside the scope of my trip.

I did have a chance to chat with a somewhat excited Sylvain on Tuesday morning who had been chatting with Michael Sparks (BBC Kamaelia project creator) on IRC about various aspects of the Kamaelia project and how this relates to various projects we are both working on, that of Viberavetions and LLUP/Blip Messaging. He specifically pointed at a recent post from Michael that brought together a lot of problems we have been specifically trying to solve with LLUP. When we spoke, I was just getting ready to head out to meet up with Dimitre Novatchev for lunch, but by chance, Russ pinged me around the same time, and as such, picked up the conversation with Sylvain where I left off.

Russ recently provided the following in an entry entitled,