On the Eve of AJAXWorld

by Kurt Cagle

I'm sitting here in my hotel room the night before the AJAXWorld conference kicks off in Santa Clara, California. It's an event that I've been looking forward to for some time, both to get a sense of what is happening in the development community with this technology and to help (hopefully) to shape those technologies to a certain extent myself.

Getting down here has been ... challenging. My ancient Saturn, battered and beaten and held together by duct tape (quite literally) has been coughing and wheezing on its way down, including a rather embarassing episode where the engine overheated and started spewing steam and smoke just as we pulled up to the border crossing station at Blaine, Washington. I want to thank both the American and Canadian border agents for helping me push the poor thing off the side of to the side of the road and for expediting our trip through as a consequence. This is the car's last hurrah, alas, and I suspect that I'll be driving a new one by next week.

I did meet the instigators of this particular grand fete, including Jeremy Geelan, Sr. Vice President of SYS-CON and Dion Hinchcliffe, Editor in Chief of AJAXWorld Magazine, both true gentlemen, who along with editor Kate Allen were taking a short breather after having pulled off the AJAX Boot Camp for the day. I am extraordinarily impressed with all of their efforts thus far -- its been fascinating watching this process come together in a truly professional manner, and I've seen a lot of conferences over the years.

I will be blogging the next two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) of the AJAX conference, though it's unlikely I'll be able to manage the blow by blow account that I did for XML 2005. I will see if I can at least provide a comprehensive view of the sessions that I will be attending, however. I am also speaking on the subject of AJAX on the Enterprise Wednesday morning, and plan to put the session notes for that up on this blog as well.

This should be a major and influential conference, and I am looking forward to being a part of it. AJAX has come an incredible way in a very short time, and the ripples of the technology are only just beginning to be felt. More tomorrow ...


2006-10-03 05:32:54
I have the same problem! I had a 94 Accura for the past ten years that I have kept together with bondo and coat hanger wire.

I guess I am too cheap to buy a new car, when my money can go to helping open source. Then again, because I have focused on my pet project so much, I may have put my family at risk with a car that may break down like yours.

You would think car companies would jump at the chance to GIVE you a car, if you would blog about it. What ever happened to those free cars with advertisements painted on them? I might do that, as long as it was not for an 'male enhancement' or something!