One More Cool Tool from Microsoft

by Preston Gralla

Last month I wrote about one of the best new little tools I've come across recently, SyncToy, a PowerToy from Microsoft that lets you synchronize files and folders with a simple click or two.

Now Microsoft is back with another freebie --- this one an update to the old standby, MSConfig. MSConfig is an excellent tool for troubleshooting Windows startups, and for selectively turning off and on programs and utilities to run at startup.

The update, downloadable here, adds a new tab to the utility, which lets you run a baker's dozen of useful Windows utilities, such as System Restore, the Registry Editor, the Add/Remove applet for adding and removing programs, and more.

Will this change your life at the keyboard? Of course not. But because you don't use these utilities all day, you often forget where they can be found --- and sometimes that they even exist. So it's a great time-saver, which is all we can really ask for of simple utilities.

If you've got a simple free utility you like, let me know, below.

What are your favorite free utilities?


2005-10-07 12:49:00
SyncToy and non-Admin
did you get SyncToy to run flawlessly under a normal user account?