One of my favorite IDEA features

by Eric M. Burke

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Weiqi mentioned me in his latest blog on IDEA and colors.

I really love the way IDEA shows unused code with little yellow bars. Try opening up some of the JDK source code and count the number of yellow bars...yuk.

There is an awful lot of unused code scattered throughout our applications that other IDEs blissfully ignore.


2004-03-23 01:39:37
Isn't IDEA great!
That has to be the best editor out there, period!

I agree with Weiqi about wanting all my source to have a green light! :)

2004-03-24 09:04:14
I love that feature
I love that feature in Eclipse for the same reason. I can see unused code, formatting errors and Checkstyle warnings all in the little yellow box on the left.