One Point to Adobe

by chromatic

I missed this in January, but as I look at Penguin.SWF and Adobe Flash Download Center, I see that the Linux versions now have the x86 label.

While it would be nice to have an open source Flash player (so that all platforms and architectures could use Flash--meanwhile Gnash continues), I do appreciate Adobe labeling the player appropriately. Saying "Linux player (x86)" makes it much clearer what Adobe currently supports.


Roy Schestowitz
2007-03-10 06:16:55
It is possible to set up 64-bit Flash 9 with just a couple of commands in Gentoo GNU/Linux. I still think that Adobe is hurting itself by keeping its recipe (for open protocols!) secret.
2007-03-10 20:48:28
Do they really support it? It locks up my browser rather frequently. I don't see a link to report bugs there either. The backtrace looks like ??, ??, ??...