One-Click WOW Develop Presets for Lightroom

by George Mann

I had seen these Lightroom Develop Presets by Jack Davis earlier last month but only got around to installing them today and I have to say, wow why did I wait so long?

It isn't that these presets can do anything that you can't do on your own (time permitting). It is the way they are organized to follow a normal Lightroom Develop module workflow and the sheer logical common sense nature of them (and the time they will save you) that makes them so brilliant.


Whenever I learn something new I am always pleased to come across information that just makes perfect sense right away and every once in a while really surprises me. This way I know that I am working with something that will help me improve my own skills, not being asked to start over once again with someone else's ideas on how to do things.

The worst teachers are those who say, "forget everything you have learned from all other teachers, now I will teach you the right way." A good teacher should help you to develop further the knowledge that you already have.

There are seven main groups of around eighty WOW presets for:

1. White Balance Adjustments
2. Tone & Curve Adjustments
3. Vibrance Adjustments
4. Hue, Saturation & Lightness Adjustments
5. Black & White Conversions
6. Color Tints
7. Vignettes

It is suggested that you follow the normal Lightroom Develop workflow, starting with the White Balance Adjustments and working your way down the list of presets, but in the video tutorial that is available on the onOne website Jack Davis shows us that just like working directly in the Develop panel, you can jump around freely among the WOW presets until you get the desired results.

I should also mention that these presets are of course not hard and fast rules, you can always tweak or improve on a preset by manipulating the image from the Develop panel (and don't forget to save the new improved presets).

I would like to thank Jack Davis and onOne Software for putting together this set of incredibly amazing Lightroom presets and providing them free on the onOne website -


David Harrison
2007-04-06 05:51:47
This is amazing hype for a product that most users in the Adobe Lightroom U2U forum found virtually useless. You can do EXACTLY the same things by jumping around from control to control, and you will actually learn to understand Lightroom better. Also, many found that the sheer number of presets in this package overwhelmed any personal presets that were created. Perhaps when we have the ability to put presets into folders in a future version of LR, it'll be easier to manage a long set of presets like this.

Opinions may vary, of course, and it certainly doesn't hurt to try them out.

2007-04-06 13:05:45
You are joking, aren't you? Dozens of minor variations on a few themes? David's comments are spot on.

If you want to see imaginative presets - look at John Beardsworth's solarization preset at

George Mann
2007-04-06 19:37:27
David thanks for the input but I checked the U2U forum and quite a few people seem to agree with me that this is a very well organized set of presets that we can all learn from. Especially if you watch the video tutorial on the onOne website.

Gio I appreciate your input too and will check out John Beardsworth's solarization presets.

2007-04-07 12:22:09
I echo David's comments 100%. Minimally useful, at best. Certainly not worth the downside of the long flat list required to have them installed. I quickly deleted them. They were about as useful as other OnOne freebies (that is, not very). What I can't understand is your over-the-top praise.
George Mann
2007-04-07 13:28:10
Thank you for the comment Mike. I gave praise to onOne and Jack Davis for their One-Click WOW presets, because I learned quite a lot from them and the accompanying video.