ONJava.com 2.0 Debuts

by Steve Anglin

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Dear O'Reilly Network Reader,

I, Steve Anglin, am the managing editor for ONJava.com. As such, I want to let you know
that ONJava.com has undergone an upgrade to version 2.0.

This Web site upgrade includes the following, new resources:

The Open Source Java Directory includes a listing of many of the major open source Java projects, and it
also lets you submit your own or nominate other open source Java projects for listing. The Java API Map/Directory gives you a relational hierarchy of Java API. By clicking on an API topic, you'll see all ONJava related
articles and resources for that topic. The newsletter repository lets you see an archive of current and
previously published ONJava.com Newsletters.

Moreover, there's the ONJava.com
Recipe of the Day
, a daily code recipe from O'Reilly's Java Cookbook by Ian Darwin. Of course, you
can also find the latest Java weblogs,
Java news in Meerkat,
Java events and
Java jobs.

Enjoy ONJava.com. If you haven't done so already, please bookmark ONJava.com for future reference. If you have any questions, suggestions and the like for improving the site going forward, please feel free to share your views in our Talk-Back below; otherwise, contact me at
sanglin@oreilly.com. Thanks.


Steve Anglin

What more would you like to see on ONJava.com? What features would you like to access here; etc.?