ONLamp Survey

by chromatic

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I forgot to promote the ONLamp survey in last week's Linux newsletter, so only a few people saw it. Out of 300 responses, here's what we've learned.

  • 52% of the respondents are from Africa

  • 39% are DBA's

  • 90% do not have a Linux cluster

  • 20% work in the insurance industry

  • 0% work in technology

The cluster numbers look accurate, but the rest seem either too high or too low. Oops! Oh, and I'm just informed that only 4% of our readers are from the USA. Hmm.

If you have a few minutes free, it would be a great favor to fill out the survey and let us know what's on your mind. I'm especially interested in hearing what subjects you'd like us to cover more. I'll write a followup in a couple of weeks with hopefully more accurate results!

I've been to Africa, but I didn't meet many DBAs. Where are the open source hotspots there?


2003-05-13 00:20:06
Survey IE specfic?
The survey didn't work (couldn't select the option boxes) in Mozilla 1.3.1 . I had to revert to IE in order to complete it.
2003-05-13 03:11:01
something missing
did page 1 but could nit find a "next" button :-(
2003-05-13 03:11:09
something missing
did page 1 but could not find a "next" button :-(
2003-05-13 10:03:41
Survey IE specfic?
ditto. and i don't have IE.
2003-05-19 14:57:54
I would like to know if the Lamp concept can be applied on OS X without the L of course:-) Amp Thx
2003-05-20 03:03:52
everything for AMP comes bundled with the os?