On-line spell checking service

by Dejan Bosanac

Related link: http://www.jacuba.com

Today, the majority of web content is being generated directly through web pages, using TEXTAREA boxes. And with all this new AJAX movement I think that more and more people will replace their editors and word processors with some kind of on-line solutions for the most of their daily tasks.
So what we really need are services that will ease this on-line text editing. One of the most often requirements for web applications is to enable some kind of spell checking. Just a few years ago this was not a trivial task, but as AJAX became popular many solutions emerged.
The project that I especially like is Jacuba. It brings you an instant spell checking functionality for your web sites and browsers. I love simple things and could it be simpler than to add two lines in your header file and to enable spell checking for all TEXTAREA fields in your application? No download and installation, just two lines in your HTML.
Even if you are not a web developer, you can benefit from this service. You can easily add support for spell checking in your web browser (Firefox, IE and Mozilla) and use it on sites that don't have it. This blog entry is written in TEXTAREA box and checked with Jacuba :)
Downsides? Well, a web page will be somewhat slower, of course. The more TEXTAREAs the slower the page, but it is not that bad especially if most of your users have a solid Internet connection.
Another issue is whether Jacuba component design will fit in your site design? The component style is very design neutral so in most cases it will not be a problem. Also, their project manager told me that they are thinking of providing a mechanism for easy component styling, so I hope that it will be addressed soon
Of course, you can find other projects that enables you to implement some kind of AJAX-based spell checking services, but the simplicity of Jacuba hooked me. Try it, you'll like it.