Open Source and XML Synergies

by Simon St. Laurent

Last week's XML Europe conference started with two keynotes on the relationships between open source development and XML - Jon Bosak exploring the prospect of combining the two to change the world, and Daniel Veillard exploring how the open source community is using XML.

Jon Bosak has moved from the heart of XML development to ebXML and Universal Business Language (UBL). Bosak's keynote expressed a somewhat unusual goal for a technology conference - "saving the world". Bosak argued that the values at the heart of SGML and then XML offer the prospect of a better world if translated - through open standards with open source implementations - to a much larger context.

Daniel Veillard has also moved from work at the heart of XML, now working at RedHat rather than the W3C. His keynote looked from a different perspective, at how the open source community has reacted to XML and XML-related specifications. Veillard focused less on what XML promises and more on what developers had chosen to do with it.

In some ways, these keynotes presented completely different perspectives, but they also suggested that the synergy between XML and open source is growing, with strong prospects for the future. I've explored these issues before, but these keynotes offered far more details about what the combination has to offer.

We'll be focusing more on the synergies between XML and open source at OSCON this July.

Are open source and open data genuinely compatible? Or is there still cause for paranoia about XML?


2003-05-16 12:33:48
Hi Simon,

a pity Apache Cocoon is not featured at OSCON (I know you talked to Steven Noels about this at XMLEurope). Just to let you know that he's not the only one complaining :-).

See you in Portland.

Matthew Langham