Open Source Conference in Japan: Open Source Realize Forum 2005

by Todd Ogasawara

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Although I am not a close follower of Open Source conferences outside of the U.S., I believe this may be the first one in Japan that I have heard of sponsored by some well known Open Source Organizations including Open Source Japan, Zope, MySQL AB, and Zend. Here is some information I received that provides more details...

Open Source Realize Forum 2005

Latest technologies and case studies - Open Source changes IT


Open Source Realize Forum 2005 is a Japanese conference to promote cutting edge technologies and provide case studies of Open Source.
Open Source Realize Forum 2005 hosts leading speakers
from MySQL AB., Zope Corporation and Zend Technologies.
It also features Open Source case studies including ones discussing a TV broadcaster and online book store.

The conference will be held on March 15th in Kobe, Japan and March 18th in Tokyo, Japan.
Please visit the event site for more information. (Japanese language site)

You may contact one of the primary organizers, Sekikawa-san, by email at:

Here's a Google-translated-to-english link of the Japanese language conference page provided in the announcement above.

Google Translation of Open Source Realize Forum 2005 home page

If you have the opportunity to attend this event, please let us all know how the conference was!