Open Source - have you missed the boat?

by Matthew Langham

Something interesting happened today. Actually it almost had to happen, but I digress.

A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk at Jax in Frankfurt titled "Penguins are human too", based in part on this and this. In the talk I focus on explaining what open source is - and is not. In addition, I describe things like open source communities and go into detail on the mistakes you can make when you get involved in open source as a commercial entity (we made them :-)). The talk was well received and there were some interesting discussions at the end.

It's hard to explain, but there is an open source "buzz" happening here in central Europe - and the buzz is starting to become noticeable.

Until around the end of last year, open source was not really mainstream when it came to things like building say middleware applications out of open source components. But - around the beginning of this year, things started to change. Open source based solutions are becoming more and more popular and it is the small, open source involved companies that are profiting.

And now things get interesting.

Today I received a phone call from a rather large European "systems integrator" who had stumbled across our open source "expertise" while visiting with one of his major customers.

Now it seems that several customers have been asking for open source competence and so, because this large systems integrator now realizes that maybe the tables are turning, they want to get up to speed on open source.

An interesting development when I think back to say last year when our open source efforts often just laughed at by the "big ones".

This also leads me to point to the BOF, Steve Mallet and I are doing at OSCON. I will be focussing on some points from "Penguins" and Steve will be giving the open source low-down. With lots of discussions - hopefully.


2003-05-27 08:07:04
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"Now it seems that several customers have been asking for for open source competence and"
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