Open Source High-Availability Linux Clustering App Released

by Kevin Bedell

The eXtreme Computing Research (XCR) group at Louisiana Tech University announced today the first public release HA-OSCAR 1.0 beta.

The HA-OSCAR project is a collaboration between the following commercial, educational and government research labs:

The goal of the HA-OSCAR project is to combine the High Performance Computing capabilities of Linux clustering with a new set of High Availability features. The are working to enhance Linux clustering to make it highly-available for mission-critical and downtime-sensitive applications.

A significant part of this effort has been spent in working to eliminate single points of failure in Linux clustering. Other features in the areas of self-healing, failure detection and automatic faileover and fail-back.

HA-OSCAR leverages clustering capabilities provided by the Open Cluster Group's OSCAR 3.0 project.

An installation wizard has been provided as has a Webmin-based set of administration tools.


2004-03-28 17:12:53
Linux Kernel Programmeing & TPC benchmarking
We are building a small benchmarking team for the following project in Bay
Area, CA. This is Linux kernel level work. Interested people should email
their RESUMEs to

Position 1) Skills Required: In-depth knowledge in and experience with the
Linux kernel
(particularly the I/O subsystem), filesystems, Oracle and TPC benchmarking.

Location: Bay Area, CA

Position 2) Skills Required: System level programmers for device drivers on

Location: Bay Area, CA

Strategic Talent Acquisition and Retention ( STAR) Team