Open Source Java-in-the-Box?

by Steve Anglin

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EJB Solutions, Inc. announces the immediate availability of Out-of-the-Box™ 1.0, a fully integrated, documented, and tested distribution of over 50 Open Source projects targeted at Java™ developers. As companies deal with the current economy, IT departments are looking to Open Source solutions as a way to cut costs.

What do you think of open source Java in-a-box? Would you use it?


2002-11-20 13:12:54
Useful Collection of Stuff.
I have placed an order for the CD and looking forward to see how it works out. It seems to be a good idea. A collection of useful open source tools with a reasonable amount of documentation and additional scripts supplied.
While I am sure that everything that is supplied is available online and that I will eventually be able to put together something similar it's nice to have someone help out.
I also remember reading a thread on a mailing list about a U.S govt. dept. (or was ita big private firm?). They have a requirement that only software which can be purchased and available on a CD-ROM be used. This product is perfect for such situations.
Also, a useful tool in convincing PHB's. If it costs $60, it must have some value!