Open Source on PocketPC

by Simon St. Laurent

When I set out to create open source software on a PocketPC, I figured that was pretty strange, given the thoroughly proprietary nature of the tools, from the OS through the compilers, I'd be using. As it turns out, it's not that strange - lots of people are doing it!

One of the largest projects out there is, which offers all kinds of pieces that aren't built into Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework. Their library offers support for things like serial communications, bluetooth, GPS devices, wireless networking, and cryptography. They call themselves shared source, not open source, though the license looks reasonable.

While I was looking for alternatives to SQL Server CE, Edd Dumbill pointed me to SQLite, which looks like it does everything I need. (I need less than SQL Server CE had to offer, actually.) Conveniently, there's a version for Windows CE, and classes for using it with .NET.

Finally, somewhere in there I stumbled over PocketConsole, which gives me the ever-popular command prompt. The tiny size of my screen and keyboard make the command-line approach a bit tougher, but it's still great to have.

It's nice to close out the year on a high note. Now I just need to get my own project properly underway.

Know of more useful PocketPC open source?


2005-01-01 13:44:20
nice to meet you
2006-04-17 19:29:17
Look into this link..
there exits multiple opensource applications for pocketpc...