Open Source Strategy Implementations

by Tom Adelstein


If things go as hoped documenting how a Fortune 1000 size enterprise implemented an Open Source strategy will provide guidance to others. The term, Open Source, started as a way to approve licenses for software whose code became published and available for others to modify for their needs. Almost tens years after the Open Source Initiative, we have discovered that the concept has far surpassed its original meaning and intent. Today, people realize that Open Source has eclipsed the vision of the OSI founders. The methodologies behind Open Source give organizations the power to reduce development time and produce a superior product. You can make comparisons to other paradigm shifts through history and the Open Source movement will come out favorably.

What topics can you expect?

1. Dissecting the methodology used to produce most Open Source software
2. The existing culture in traditional development shops
3. Finding champions to further acceptance
4. Education - getting through the alligator pit
5. Setting up an internal OSS development environment and selecting a pilot project
6. Disclosing the bundle if OSS tools and technologies
7. Finding resources to administer the development environment
8. Introducing existing OSS for immediate use: Firefox,, GIMP and so forth
9. Delivering the pilot
10. Writing the findings report.

Here we go. You'll look at drafts and ultimately a finished book. You can also help by working on our wiki.

I'm looking forward to this project.


andrew aitken
2007-09-04 08:19:54
First I'd start with an analysis of why deploy/incorporate open source. After doing more than 150 strategy engagements this is clearly the most important step to start with. Every organization has different goals and resources. Identifying the why, then the how, and developing measurable goals, are the first order of business.

2007-09-04 08:52:19
Simon, I'll have the URL next week. It will be part of

2007-09-04 09:01:09

Thank you for sharing your experience. You're absolutely right. On my current assignment, the company had already defined the why. I hope I can do justice to that section. You gave me a good start.

2007-09-09 13:45:28
So I contribute to a wiki, and you get the book royalties.
2007-09-09 13:53:12

I want to commend you on your remarkable insight. You contribute to a wiki and I collect book royalties. What can I say? I've been out done once again.