Open Source Who's Who?

by Steve Mallett

One thing I get asked a lot as the webmaster for is who to contact for many different kinds of tasks and skill sets, etc. Half the time I have an answer and for the other half often the answer is "Sorry, you'll have to google it".

I've tried "googling it" & let me tell you that often the results are less than helpful. I love Google, but this isn't really it's thing. Checking my email at OSCON I received the ole' familiar question: "I'm looking for an open source expert in such and such in the San Francisco area. Who should I contact?"

My answer this time unfortunately was "Google it", but I added an extra piece of info this time. "When you find the person you're looking for ask them to add themselves to the Who's Who? wiki at OSPedia."

If you're a F/OSS developer, JOPH, consultant, Python teacher, Apache guru, etc etc please feel free to add yourself and a bit about what your gigs are. Heck, add your resume. Plus, it just nice to know who is who. You can only fit so much on conference badges. OSCON or otherwise.