Open Tech 2005 Call for Participation

by Sam Smith

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The call for participation for the Open Tech 2005 event is now open. Taking place in London, UK on 23rd July 2005 and sponsored by, Open Tech 2005 is an informal one-day conference about technologies that anyone can have a go at, from "Open Source"-style ways of working to repurposing everyday electronics hardware. It also includes the official launch of the developer network and whatever you offer.

Last year had excellent talks, great weather, beer and some wifi; and this year promises to be of the same high quality and beer (we're currently unsure about the weather and wifi). If you want to talk about your project, we're taking submissions until June 25th.

See you there.


2005-06-16 10:01:22
A possible solution to Geospatial SPAM

In my blog at I discuss about how GPS camera phones that Digitally Sign the photos they take along with Longitude, Latitude and Timestamp information can eliminate or minimize the nuisance of GeoSpatial SPAM.

You may also be interested in another blog entry of mine titled: "The Poor Man's GPS". Please leave your comments on my blog so that I can know about your reactions