Open XML Package Explorer Now Available For Download

by M. David Peterson

Open XML Package Explorer

Release V1.0.0.0 Production

Jun-09-20061 Files


The initial version of Package Explorer as found on Browse packages and subpackages using specialized viewer classes.

Seems to work as expected, providing a nice clean way to look at all the XML wonderfulness inside of an Open XML document package (e.g. .docx)

One word to the wise... Either pay better attention than I did when I chose the default installation location, or choose a different location. It doesn't show up in your "Start > Program Files" menu by default, and there doesn't seem to be a way to change this. I know this because after digging through my "C:\Program Files" folder, I couldn't find an obvious "that's the folder right there" signs of application life, so I chose to uninstall it then reinstall it to discover that the application developer chose to use his name + "Package Explorer" which is fine (personal promotion is often a primary factor in developing OSS projects and theres certainly nothing wrong with personal promotion), just not obvious when you have to go folder diving when the application doesn't show up in "Start > Program Files".

Beyond this simple little annoyance, this seems like a MUST HAVE utility for the Open XML software developer, or for those interested at looking inside an OpenXML package file to examine the files via a nice clean tree control + view window implementation.