OpenDocument Fellowship receives development grants

by Jean Hollis Weber

The OpenDocument Fellowship has attracted nearly $40,000 (USD) in donations to help fund development projects under the Fellowship's Targeted Donations Programme .

One donation will be used to reward volunteers from the OASIS ODF Formula subcommittee for their continuing work on the formula specification. The other donations are targeted at development projects. The Fellowship is producing an "ODF toolkit" for developers, and a light-weight ODF viewer.

More information about the funded projects, and other projects seeking funding, can be found on the Fellowship's website,

Spokesman Daniel Carrera said, "These projects are all very strategic. They provide a huge benefit to OpenDocument for only a modest amount of effort."

"The Fellowship hopes to build on this early success by attracting further donations to extend the support for the format and to make it easier for open source developers to contribute to the ISO 26300 standard. This is important work in ensuring standards remain open. Any individual or company that is interested in making a donation should contact us." Email: