OpenDocument's Popularity Continues to Grow

by Jean Hollis Weber

Many organizations and government bodies around the world have decided to adopt office software supporting the OASIS OpenDocument standard, and the number is growing all the time.

Around 16 months ago (after the decision in Massachusetts, but before OpenDocument was approved as an ISO standard), the OpenDocument Fellowship began compiling a list of adopters. Not surprisingly, the list at that time was fairly short. It's grown a lot since then, and it's hard to keep up with the new additions.

The Fellowship now maintains on its website a Precedent page, which is an annotated set of links to decisions by government bodies. As the page says, "The list is far from comprehensive, addressing only adoption decisions reported on the OpenDocument Fellowship general discussion list and the marketing web site. The list is undoubtedly only the tip of a very large iceberg."

Some of the recent additions that have not yet made the list include Italy, CSIR in South Africa, and the province of Misiones in Argentina.

Software support for OpenDocument continues to grow, too. The Fellowship's Applications page is also hard to keep current, due to the rapid growth.