Opening the podcasting pipeline

by Daniel H. Steinberg

In the next few weeks you'll see a lot of changes on the O'Reilly podcasting page. Site producer Justin Watt is putting the finishing touches on a new look that will help highlight the most recently posted podcasts.

Speaking of recently posted, Theresa Pulido and the consumer group at O'Reilly has been busy producing a lot of great audio and we have just posted four of them on our FooCast page.

* Jack Herrington, the author of "Podcasting Hacks", chats with pioneer podcasters, Doug Kaye and James Polanco in the first part of a series. The first installment is Pioneer Podcasters Share Insider Tips: Techniques & Equipment .

* Derrick Story has launched a series on Digital Cameras. He combines a great deal of knowledge with a great ability to communicate. Check out Compact Digital Cameras--What to Look For.

* Steve Bass and Dan Tynan specialize in Annoyances. That's solving them not creating them. Check out their post Make Sure Your Emails Make it Through.

* Jack Herrington has a second series in which he Interviews the founder of Fake Science.

There's plenty more in the hopper. Let us know what you think and what you'd like to see more of or less of.