OpenJDK Infrastructure Roadmap

by Tim O'Brien

Mark Reinhold, Chief Engineer for the Java(TM) platform, outlines a roadmap for the OpenJDK project infrastructure on his blog:

The publication last week of our experimental Mercurial repositories heralds the first of many infrastructure projects that we hope to initiate, and in most cases complete, over the next year or so. Here’s the entire list:

2007/Q4 Code-review publication, Core community database, Public Mercurial forests
2008/Q1 Mercurial forest management, OpenGrok
2008/Q2 Improved content publishing, Process tools
2008/Q? Bug database, Distributed build system

All dates are—naturally—somewhat approximate.

The surprising part is the Bug Database, why should it take that long to figure out a solution? As an unnamed Sun engineer told me at JavaOne, the internal bug tracking system can't move very quickly and is something of a disaster. It is unclear whether he was saying that what we see in BugParade is an extension of this system or something else entirely, but he made it sound like there were a lot of secret bits in the bug tracking system that couldn't be exposed easily. I remember mentioning JIRA and he responded about how they had considered something like that but that the blocker was the lack of a mechanism to have a fix target multiple releases. What's clear is that the Java project is big enough to demand some custom infrastructure (like a web review tool). It'll be interesting to see what brews from this project.