OpenOffice Still Pushing

by Dustin Puryear

The other month I blogged about OpenOffice and the fact that it tends to be marginalized in the face of free and commercial products. Most readers did not particularly like that stance. Lou Dolinar just blogged about OpenOffice, but focused instead on what is actually holding it back.

Lou makes some good points, including notes on:

• Compatibility
• Lock-in
• OpenXML

Notice that the technology of OpenOffice is not really mentioned outside of how it is able to interact with Microsoft Office files. The OpenXML format was touted as being a way out of this, but OpenXML does not exactly have the best reputation in the open source community right now.

All this said, I am still very curious about the technology side, especially when it comes to manageability in a large environment. How well does OpenOffice fare against Office in terms of automated deployment, configuration, and upgrades? What has been your experience?