Partnership with Mozilla

by Jean Hollis Weber

This message was posted to the OOo [discuss] list on 26 August.

Hello everyone,

We have a very important announcement, and a call for help.

Our very own Ryan Singer (marketing project) has been meeting with the Mozilla Foundation, to forge an alliance between our two projects.

This is a very exciting time. There has always been a cordial relationship between our two projects. And there are natural synergies between the two.

For starters, Mozilla will begin shipping a Mozilla+OOo CD from their mozilla store.

This is where YOU come in (yes, you). We need 3 volunteers to work with Ryan:

  • One to help with art.

  • One to help with marketing material.

  • One to help with technical issues (in particular, an installer).

The Mozilla team will provide 3 volunteers to match.

If you have been wanting to contribute to OOo, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!

This is what you should do next:

I look forward to meeting you at marketing.

Cheers, Daniel Carrera


2004-09-03 18:54:32
The OOo+Mozilla combo + nice installer exists, it's called and fits neatly on a MiniCD.

All excellent though, I hope all the initiatives can work together as it's the goal that counts.