OpenSSH funding

by Sam Smith announced they were donating $10K to fund OpenSSH development as they use it as a core part of their infrastructure (more).

All the linux resellers, who sell the features of openssh said no to supporting the project.

Sun, who base SunSSH on OpenSSH, refuse to donate. Why? Because OpenSSH competes with SunSSH! Details

IBM, who sell OpenSSH support as part of multi-million dollar support contracts, tell the customers to email the OpenSSH developer list to get the free support they pay IBM for (details).

The users of OpenSSH are willing to support the project, but not the people making money out of it.

When Sun and IBM say they're interested in OpenSource, are they interested in anything beyond profits? Maybe their actions will speak louder their silent shame.


M. David Peterson
2006-04-21 19:34:46

+1 for GoDaddy (I'm not surprised... been a customer of their for a while now, and will remain one for a while now, although this simply confirms my reasoning as GoDaddy consistently proves why staying their customer is TOP PRIORITY)

-1 Sun, IBM : What's up with that?

2006-04-22 08:22:52
"When Sun and IBM say they're interested in OpenSource, are they interested in anything beyond profits?"

I can't even believe you asked that... Of COURSE they only do things for profit! I've heard Sam himself sum it all up when speaking about IBM in general: "We're in this business to make money."

Now, if they could realize that donating a comparatively small amount like $10,000+ to a project like OpenSSH would get them more support and therefor more business - I bet they'd jump at the chance. We just need to make them see that.

2006-04-25 06:05:40
A couple of the Canadian Banks I know have standardized on OpenSSH in both Windows and Unix based environments.

I think it has to be clearer where the money is going. Either charge customers for security updates in a more timely basis or have companies fund new features (street performer style) is a more pragmatic approach.

2006-04-27 13:33:42
OpenSSH and OpenBSD are always looking for donations of other types as well.
2006-04-29 16:09:33
wait, doesn't the openbsd project (of wich openssh is a part) come under the BSD style license?!

doesn't that mean that people can take your work and shit in your face?
yes, I believe it does.

go GPL or proprietary whatever you want, but stop looking awkward when people
do what the bsd style license permits them to do ..