Opera 9.0 Final Released?

by M. David Peterson

Opera 9.0 Final released - Desktop Team - by Desktop Team

Hi All
We just released Opera 9.0 Final on opera.com!
Thanks to all for helping us test the product.

Hey cool! A little "out from nowhere comes the final release", but still cool.

With this in mind, and the fact that they announced they would include support for XSLT 1.0 and XPath 1.0, and given Opera is a standards-focused company,

A + B =

XSLT processing failed!

Huh? Why would it fail? I'm using fully compliant XML and XSLT/XPath 1.0.

Lets see what the error console says,

XSLT - http://browserbasedxml.com/SessionConfig.xsl
attribute at line 13, column 40
Error: invalid expression: document(my:UserAgentInvalidDoc)
Call to undefined function: document

> Call to undefined function: document < ?


We will not stop work now that 9.0 is out and we do continue to fix issues. Stay tuned, the show goes on

Okay... well, I guess a few commercials to pay the bills is understandable.

For now, I guess we stay-tuned, and use XMLHttpRequest scripted transformations to gain access to the data we want to transform.

But Opera, no document function?

Ouch! That one hurts!


2006-06-21 19:32:01
The browserbasedxml.com page should say YOU'RE instead of YOUR.
M. David Peterson
2006-06-21 19:37:04

I LOVE the lazy web!

Thanks for the catch... I'll fix that now :D

M. David Peterson
2006-06-21 19:42:02
Fixed > http://browserbasedxml.com/

NOTE: You may need to refresh, or close and reopen your browser and then reload the page to notice the fix.

Thanks again for the catch!

2006-07-01 18:55:47
Great little test you have there with browserbasedxml.com. Here's the catch. Two computers, both XPsp2 with IE6, one works, one doesn't.
- what could be wrong? Could you help a sister out?
M. David Peterson
2006-07-02 11:06:01
> Could you help a sister out?

Okay, 10 points for making me laugh. :D

From your blog > Location: Perth, Australia

10 points for living in Perth.

I have like 27 million cousins (or something close to that, anyway ;) that live in Perth. I realize it's a big place, but do you happen to know any Storey's (Storey is their last name. That's not a request for some dirt on my cousins (unless you have some, of course. :D))

So, when you add all of this up, and given the "XMLHacker Help Line" will run you twenty points per incident, it seems it's your lucky day. :D

Unless, of course, you'd rather spend the points on something else... Then, my suggestion would be to snag some dirt on my cousins of which I'll pay 50 points per scoop.

Of course, I'm not sure the points are worth much else, so even if you wanted to spend them on something else, there's really not a whole lot of options.

So how about I shutup and get crackin' on the support line incident.

There is one tiny little problem, though... I can't reproduce it without a few more details.

What type of information can you provide me in regards to the broke down instance? Is it a simple case of a blank screen where there should be text, or is there something else that might help clue me in to what might be the problem?

2006-07-03 02:40:40
Heya, can't help you with your cousins, I don't recall meeting anyone with that surname.

Here's the go: Computer A (home) and Computer B (work).
A runs Mozilla Firefox by default, freshly formatted, never had a drama. B runs the same but requires IE6 to open certain work databases with XML objects and the like. FF also doesn't like the frames.

Trouble is with B, won't display objects properly. Also, I tried opera9 and got the "XSLT processing failed" stuff. In short, B won't open .xml properly (radio button forms etc) but A will. What's changed?

With the browserbasedxml.com B comes up with a blank page and in IE.

PS: Perth is a nice place :D

M. David Peterson
2006-07-03 15:26:00
Hey Maya,

It sounds as if you probably are dealing with the old MSXML 2.0 processor in which supports and older version of the XSL specification (which would later fork into the XSLT specification and the XSL specification(commonly refered to as XSL-FO, or XSL-Formatting Objects). However, the version that the MSXML 2.0 processor supports and the version of XSL after the fork are not even close to the same thing; their only commonality being their name.

Not to fret, though, as there is a fix > http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=1e6185d7-e4e4-43b1-8056-0e5ecd15a88a&languageid=f49e8428-7071-4979-8a67-3cffcb0c2524&displaylang=en

Download and run this little self-extracting bad boy, and all should (hopefully) be well once you have read the "xmlinst.exe ReadMe.txt" that is extracted in the same folder as xmlinst.exe, which should get things straightened out.

If this doesn't fix things, let me know and we can take things from there.

2006-07-03 21:36:52
OMG you are the best. I've been trying to sort this out for weeks and a 43kb file helped me out.
How do I buy you an e-carton (of beer that is)?!?!!
Thanks HEAPS :D
You are teh best!
M. David Peterson
2006-07-04 02:49:11
:D Wish it was something I could take credit for, but I think its one of those things we can safely fit into the collective WW:VirtualBeerKeg Karma Fund, as with as much help as folks have given me, and in turn folks have given them, undoubtedly someone you have helped will help someone else and eventually things will find their way back through the system...

It's a nice little system we all got going on around this Web of ours :D