Opera 9.5 and XSLT document() Function

by M. David Peterson

Update: via a suggestion from olli, I've added a post to the Opera forums which contains a poll asking whether or not Opera should provide support for the document() function in the next release of Opera, code named Kestrel. I would encourage anyone and everyone with interest to add their vote to the poll.


Thanks in advance!

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via a recent post I made to XSL-List,

via http://snapshot.opera.com/mac/m950a1.html (as well as all of the other platform changelogs),

Fixed numerous inconsistencies and specification violations in the SVG, DOM, WML, Web Forms 2.0, XPath, and XSLT implementations

"XSLT document() function will no longer cause an XSLT processing error if it is not called"

Okay, so I'm not sure that sentence makes any sense, so I've dug a little deeper.

@ irc://irc.opera.com/weekly

04:34 xmlhacker Hey All: Firstly, congratulations on getting Kestrel alpha out the door! Secondly, as part of the changelogs "XSLT document() function will no longer cause an XSLT processing error if it is not called" which, technically speaking I suppose, is true. If you don't use document() function it won't throw an error. However if you do, it still does. I'm running on Mac/Tiger > Simple oversight for an early alpha release?

04:40 olli xmlhacker: i asked one of da geeks here and he said: I believe it doesn't throw an error when it's not used. IT does throw an error when invoked
04:41 olli this means that if you test first if it's supported and then use it if that's true it no longer causes an error where it previously did

04:43 xmlhacker olli: got it. Thanks for the insight! So can someone @Opera clarify one way or another if document() function support will make it into Kestrel?

04:45 olli xmlhacker: maybe

And there ya have it folks. Of course there are those who will write off Opera as being a completely useless browser for client-side XSLT processing. But anyone who knows me knows one very important "quality": I don't give up.

I'll report back once the battle has been won. (let's hope that report comes sometime before the end of this decade ;-)

And just to add a bit more to this: Come on Opera! Are you a W3C web standards company or not? It's not like you're being asked to implement a deep down architectural change like XPath 2.0. This is an HTTP GET! That's it! You're a web browser company, you should be able to figure out how to do one of those, shouldn't you?

Or is making a half a$$ed attempt at supporting web standards you may or may not have any interest in something we should just come to expect from this point forward?


J. Prevost
2007-09-04 07:07:59
Wait—Opera supports XSLT now? When I asked about this, MANY years ago, and every time I’ve since looked over to see if they’d changed, they were projecting an attitude of “XSLT is too big and not useful for the browser. It should be implemented on the server.”

On the one hand: document() not being there is annoying. On the other hand: thank God they finally stopped ignoring XSLT completely.

M. David Peterson
2007-09-04 11:17:04

Yup. They added *near* complete support for it about two years ago, though it's taking them a bit of time to finish it out completely.

2007-11-16 12:22:01
Opera 9.5 Beta (build 9656) now supports XSLT document() function. :)