[Opera:document() Function] When You Want Something Bad Enough, Sometimes All You Have To Do Is...

by M. David Peterson

... Bitch, Moan, Cry, and in other forms make a complete and total fool of yourself in public.

But it's worth it...

Desktop Team - by Desktop Team

Added support for the XSLT document() function (poke to xmlhacker ;-) )

*YES*!!! :D

So here's the thing: I haven't made it any secret here on XML.com and elsewhere that I am a *HUGE* fan of Opera. In fact, the only thing that has kept me from proclaiming Opera as the undisputed winner** in the Browser Wars is the fact that they've been missing support for some key pieces of the XSLT spec. That has now changed, and while there are bound to be bugs (this is a weekly build), I am now making it official,

Opera is the *KING* of the Web Browser world. Nothing else even comes close.

Believe it! ;-)

Thank you, Opera!!! :D

Next Up: The Top 10 Reasons Why Opera Is The Best Browser On The Planet.

** In fact, they've been the undisputed winner since about 1997. How and why they don't pwnz the browser market is a complete and total mystery to me. My new task in life: To help change that by evangelizing each and every product that comes from the *KING* of the Web Browser company: Opera. If you haven't already, please download Opera (stable, beta, latest weekly w/ document() function support) and when it asks if you would like to make it your default browser > Say *YES!*.

Update: Phreakin' beautiful,

What's even more beautiful is that Opera's XSLT error reporting tool is so good, I was able to pin point a silly little mistake in my code that was preventing the above link from transforming correctly (had the output set to 'xml', but was using the HTML public identifier literal. Changing the output method from xml to html fixed the problem.) Of course, you might wonder why this little error didn't get caught by some of the other browsers, and the answer is quite simple,

Opera is a *STANDARDS COMPLIANT* browser company. They write their code to comply with the rules specified in the related standards doc. And yes, it really is that simple.

Thanks for the kick a$$ *STANDARDS COMPLIANT* browser and browser dev/debugging tools, Opera!!! :D


G. Ken Holman
2007-11-16 18:21:49
Don't hold back, David, can't you tell us how you *really* feel?


2007-11-16 19:25:53
Hooorah...Opera is a great browser, if only there were a way to share bookmarks w/ foxmarks (or similar)...I would jump asap.

Firefox is cute, but has some serious issues when you start adding all the plugins.

I think it is great to see a browser focus on standards...I frequently disable images, css, page colors and javascript when I surf the web.

M. David Peterson
2007-11-16 19:37:23

>> Don't hold back, David, can't you tell us how you *really* feel?

:D You're right. I really need to be more forthcoming w/ my true feelings on any given matter.

/me is digging deep down inside to overcome my shyness and inability to express myself in public settings. ;-) :D

M. David Peterson
2007-11-16 19:46:43

>> Hooorah...Opera is a great browser, if only there were a way to share bookmarks w/ foxmarks (or similar)...I would jump asap.

Anyone @Opera care to take answering this comment for a spin? I agree: Having a cross-bookmarking capability built in would be *FANTASTIC*. That said, I wonder if someone may not have already written something similar using Opera's widget platform?

Anyone know off hand?

>> Firefox is cute, but has some serious issues when you start adding all the plugins.

Credit has to be given to Mozilla for re-igniting the browser wars, but Fx has some serious drawbacks, first and foremost that of being a phreakin' memory hog from hell. If there was one thing I had to point at and say "there, that's what makes Opera *ROCK* the casbah" it would be the fact that its memory footprint is barely noticeable, and no matter how many tabs you might have open at any given time, the performance stays right at *BLAZING FAST*.

I'm really looking forward to coming months and years as people begin to realize just how much better life on the web can be when you use the best tool(s) for the job at hand. In the case of web browsing those tools are going start with the name "Opera" every time.

David Storey
2007-11-17 07:34:08
I don't think we'd be opposed to someone writing a FF extension (or IE or Safari) that synced with Opera Link. Without any sort of public API it is probably quite difficult right now though
M. David Peterson
2007-11-17 12:02:05

I think what Chovy was referring to was the other way around: Sync Foxmarks w/ Opera Link. Chovy: Is this correct?

David: You mention lack of a public API. Any idea if that API will ever make it into being?

David Storey
2007-11-18 12:29:13
I can certainly report it as a feature request. I know Opera desktop can import Safari bookmarks (without sync). I'd assume it can import Firefox bookmarks (again without sync) too. I've never used foxmarks, as I rarely use FF, but it'd probably make sense to be able to sync with their bookmarks, especially for developers who use multiple browsers for testing purposes.

As for a public API, I can't comment on future plans, but we are always assessing what developers want, and if there is demand for it it is something we'd consider, time permitting.

M. David Peterson
2007-11-18 15:35:00

Obviously the sync feature would be nice, but the simple fact that importing all of our feeds into Opera will then automagically keep my bookmarks on my laptop and desktop in sync is definitely a good thing given I am slowly but surely weening myself off of Fx all together now that I can do all of my dev/test in Opera. Before two days ago I didn't have any choice, but today is a *MUCH* happier day now that I get to both play and develop in Opera full time. :D :D :D

2007-11-18 22:10:35
yeah, i agree with you opera is the most ass kicking browser in the universe since the ass kicking begun... ;)
M. David Peterson
2007-11-19 03:24:30


2008-01-22 15:48:35
Alhumdalillah! Finally I can implement that mult-lingual interface I've been holding back on because of Opera.