Operations Management , first blog entry

by Chris Fox

Hello! This is my first weblog entry for O'Reilly. I am going to be posting items regarding Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 and general observations about Operations Management. I am particularly interested in watching the development of the Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) over the next 18 months. I expect large changes in the managability of MS server platforms as a whole.

I am authoring a book on MOM 2005 now for O'Reilly and am having a blast. I look forward to conversations with readers of my blog on the topic of MOM, System Center and DSI.

Thanks O'Reilly for this opportunity!



2005-08-15 12:47:36
New Book
Hi, when do you think the MOM book might be out. We just got this product in and its fair to say I'm struggling with it. I am also finding it hard to book a training course that isn't "likely to be cancelled for not enough students"


Mick Putley
Saint Lukes Regional Medical Center

2005-08-15 17:21:00
New Book
Hi Mick - I just finished the last of the raw material, so now it is just a matter of the editors and tech reviewers finishing their work. The last I heard is that the book will be out in stores around the end of the year. Is there anything specific you need help with?